Since man picked up a bone and crafted it into a tool, the human race has developed technology that has helped shape this wonderful Earth on which we all inhabit.

Then some bright spark invented the iron. If ever a tool took us back to being neanderthals it is this steaming beast.

Is it any wonder that people do anything to avoid doing the ironing or turn to other methods to straighten their clothes. Here we take a look at a few of these supposed ‘solutions’ which, if not ingenious, teeter towards the ridiculous.

Straighten it out!

Hair straighteners are frightening things at the best of times but it has been said they are good for ironing clothes. Now whoever said this must have been in a rush to get ready to go out and combined sorting their hair at the same time as their clothes. Simply pull your clothes through the straightener and apparently they will be ironed. They may also have a few straggling hairs from your head on them so do check before you head into work.


Blowing hot air

Another hair tool that has been used to iron clothes is the hairdryer. The saying is you can hang up and item of clothing and then blow hot air at it from about 2 inches. However, this feels totally counter productive. One of the issues with ironing is simply how long it takes of your time. Wafting your shirt with some air may straighten your clothes out ‘eventually’ but you’ll need muscles of iron to keep holding the hairdryer for that long.

A right shower

This seems to be a favourite amongst travelling businessmen who are renowned for being ingenious nomads. Instead of picking up that iron simply hang your shirt up in a hotel bathroom (or your own bathroom as it may look suspicious if you simply walk in and start using a hotel bathroom if you are not a guest), turn the shower up high, and let the steam do its trick. There really is nothing like putting on a slightly damp and warm, shirt is there?

Cold as ice

Ok so bear with us on this one but, apparently, instead of using a hot iron you can use cold ice to smooth out the creases in your clothes. Simply chuck some ice cubes into a tumble dryer with your clothes and let it spin on a high heat for a minute or two. The ice melts. Steam appears. Creases will vanish. But watch out for pigs flying when you leave the house.


So there you have it, four ways to iron your clothes without an iron… Is there anything we missed? Let us know via our Twitter and Facebook and P.S. don’t forget to register on our homepage.

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