When will effie be available?

We are currently working on making effie the best it can be and while we are still working out the exact preorder date, please register your interest and we’ll be keeping you informed every step of the way.

How much will effie cost?

We’re still working on the details for effie’s release and we will let you know when we’ve set the exact price.

How does effie work?

effie irons using a patent pending pressing method to directly pull the wrinkles out of your clothes. Check out our product features page to find out more!

What clothes will effie be able to iron?

effie will be able to dry and iron your shirts, trousers, t-shirts, blouses, short dresses, bedsheets, towels and pillow cases and more. It will also be able to dry your socks, underwear and other incidentals.

What materials will effie be able to handle?

effie will be able to handle most common clothing materials – e.g. polyester, cotton, silk, viscose, denim. It will not be able to iron leather (if anyone even does that!).

How big is effie?

The dimensions of effie are 80cm x 25cm x 128cm.

Is effie on wheels?

Yes! Store effie wherever you like, roll it out to where you want to use it, then collapse it and wheel it back to its spot.

Can effie wash my clothes?      

Not yet! Currently effie will only dry and iron your clothes.

Will my clothes set on fire?

No, effie uses a lot of steam and the temperature is far lower than a traditional iron so they cannot burn.

How long does it take to iron?

It will take 3 minutes to iron each item. It will take 6 minutes to dry and iron each item.

Do you have to come back to load each item?

No, you load them all at once onto the automated rail and effie will do the rest. Come back whenever you like and pick them up!

Do I need to be there in order to stop it?

No, effie will finish automatically and stay there until you are ready to collect your clothes.

Can I test or see effie somewhere?

Unfortunately not yet. Sign up on the home page and we’ll let you know as soon as you can!

Will effie be shipped internationally?

We aren’t sure about our international shipping schedule just yet, but of course we want to get it to you wherever you are. Sign up on the home page and we’ll let you know as soon as we can!

Can I distribute for you in my country?

We’d love you to! But we aren’t sure about our distribution plans just yet. Sign up on the home page and we’ll let you know more about our plans once we know, and then we can discuss it further.

What happens if it breaks and will there be a warranty?

We are still working out our warranty plan, but rest assured there will be a system in place.

How will it iron longer items?

Unfortunately at this point effie will only be able to iron shorter items that can fit into the window of the device. We will be looking into a version that can iron longer items.

How much water will it take?

It will take at least enough water to do 12 items at once. The intention is that it will take more than that.

When will effie be available?

We don’t have a release date set yet, but we’ll be sure to update everyone through our social media pages and mailing list when we have more information to share.

How is it powered?

effie only requires a single mains power plug.

Is there ability to control the steam output?

effie will tailor the amount of steam it needs to use depending on the garment that goes into it.

How will it iron collars and sleeves?

effie will iron the sleeves of shirts using the same method that industrial ironing systems use – using air and steam. The collars will be steamed, but not pressed. If further crease removal is required, the touch up tool can be used.

What will the app do?

The application will allow you to monitor effie’s progress, including stopping and starting it. It will allow you to order extra hangers and fragrancing pods, as well as contact us in the event that your effie needs some technical support. Please let us know if you can think of more things you would like it to do!

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Send us a question below

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Send us a question below

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